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Where style meets function

We create beautiful, quality cabinetry and furniture for your kitchen, bath and any other room in your home or office. As a leading manufacturer of built-to-order cabinetry, we offer a near endless selection of door styles, finishes, functional storage solutions and decorative enhancements that allow you to customize your home to suit your taste and lifestyle. It is cabinetry made just for you.

Plan process

It is very important to us that each client has input in every step of the design and build process, ensuring you get both what you need and want out of the project. Each custom cabinetry project typically goes through the following steps:

  1. Client Consultation

    Each project begins by lining out your specific wants, needs, and goals for the project - your wish list. Everything from finish to functionality is discussed and balanced against the availalble budget.

  2. Design & Engineering

    Based on specifications defined in the client consultation and the space in which your custom cabinetry will be installed, plans are drawn up for the construction. Each and every piece is planned and engineered in advance.

  3. Production & Finishing

    We construct your custom cabinets based on the specifications and plans defined in previous phases of the project. Once constructed, stain and other finishes are applied and your hardware of choice is installed. Great care goes into each and every piece.

  4. Installation & Final Inspection

    Your finished cabinets are installed on site and inspected by you and our staff. If any adjustments need to be made, we will work with you to make sure they are done and you are satisfied with the final result.

Services multi

High Quality Mass Production

For multi-unit projects or projects that entail mass production of identical cabinets such as apartments, townhomes, or other large scale contracting projects, Interwest is ready to fabricate, finish, and install. Order multiple sets of identical cabinets and let us help you finish your project quickly and affordably.

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